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Yeh-Hsiu is equipped with all kinds of advanced and high efficiency processing machine and
equipment which enable us to provide the most satisfactory service for our customers.

Laser Cutting

Equipment Employed:
‧AMADA-FO-MII –Double- Table Laser Cutting Machine of Japan

Features of Equipment:
‧Consistent of processing tables height and high speed twin table switching increase the equipment availability of machine.
‧Rapid Delivery
‧Latest Model Vibration Device Beam Control System offers precise and perfect cutting surface.
‧Processing and cutting thickness: 0.5mm~12mm

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Automatic Hole Punching

Equipment Employed:
‧AMADA-Vipros Queen 357-Servo-Driven Hole Punching machine of Japan

Features of Equipment:
‧The Servo-Driven Hole Punching is highly precise and high speed
‧Low noise, intelligent hydraulic CNC Turret Punching Machine
‧Completed with brush table to prevent scratch on finished product during the processing flow to ensure excellent processing quality

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Bending and Denting

Equipment Employed:
‧AMADA-RG-100L-upward travelling hydraulic bending machine
‧Toong Woei Machine CNC-20042, CNC-15032 Hydraulic Bending Machine

Features of Equipment:
‧RG-100L Pressing Capacity:100Ton        ‧Processing lengt:4,000mm      ‧Bending Speed:50/60HZ-49/59mm/s。
‧CNC-20042 Pressing Capacity:200Ton   ‧Processing length:4,200mm    ‧Bending Speed:50/60HZ-12mm/s。
‧CNC-15032 Pressing Capacity:150Ton   ‧Processing length:3,200mm    ‧Bending Speed:50/60HZ-13mm/s。
‧The hydraulic bending machine employed by us is featured with high speed and high processing precision.


Shearing Machine Processing

Equipment Employed:
‧Toong Woei Machine NC-41045 Hydraulic Shearing Machine

Features of Equipment:
‧Shearing length:4,100mm  ‧Shearing thickness:3.0mm  ‧Shearing speed:27 times / minutes
‧All kinds of soft steel plate (SS41), Stainless Steel Plate (SUS304) length shearing
‧High shearing speed and fast delivery of flat plate.



Equipment Employed:
‧Yeh Chiun Ind. Co., Ltd. CNC-YCV-4012 V-Planner

Features of Equipment:
‧Processing Capacity:1.2mm~3.0mm special specs.
‧Processing Speed:300mm/Min~1,200mm/Min(average)
‧Minimum distance between cutter and pressing plate (3mm) and the V- Groove is very clean, even and excellent finish.

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