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Engineering Performance



  1. Taiwan Business Bank Headquarters (Panel Clad and Beam Clad)


  1. Shangri-la Far Eastern Plaza Hotel, Saloon (Curved Bending)


  1. Lobby of Yungtay Engineering (Titanium Plated Plate Wall Clad)


Eatogether Dazhi (Titanium Plate Column and Wall Clad)


  1. Sunpower Construction (Beitou Hotel – Guest Room and Lobby
    Titanium Plate Door Frame, TV Case, Bathroom Shutter Door)
  1. Far Eastern Plaza Hotel Banciao (Lighting Fram, Gate Clade, Door Frame..)


  1. Cafeteria of ChinaTrust Headquarter, Nangang,
  2. (Titanium plated plate screen, partition board, door frame..)
  1. Army Dahan Camp, Hualien (Washing Sink)


  1. Shangheyuang Condominium, Wugu (Aluminum Clad Panel)
  1. Yongtay Lotong Hotel (Alu. Clad)


  1. High Speed Railway Yunlin Station Cladding
  MRT Common Structure Works of Hongsheng Construction